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At Kuma Kaaru, we offer a variety of services and workshops. We perform Welcome to Country, Smoking Ceremony, Cultural Dance and Didgeridoo performances. We facilitate Cultural Awareness sessions and Kaurna Language workshops, along with a variety of educational and practical classroom experiences for school-age children.

Discover how we can work with you to integrate Aboriginal culture into your upcoming event or organisation.


Our cultural consultancy offers organisations the opportunity to gain expert insight into any potential arrangement or project.

Guest Speaking

Our Kuma Kaaru cultural experts offer enlightening presentations across a variety of settings, providing insight into Kaurna experience and enabling difficult conversations and exchange of perspectives.


Traditional Dance is a fundamental aspect of Aboriginal Culture, playing a significant role in our Spirituality.

Master of Ceremonies

If you are looking for a fresh Master of Ceremonies, resident funny man Jack Buckskin is sure to add vibrancy and colour to your next event.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness increases cultural resurgence and strengthens relationships between Aboriginal People and the wider community.

Cultural Tours

Kuma Kaaru offers cultural tours across Kaurna Yarta (Land), providing insight into the cultural significance and value of various sites.

Smoking & Cleansing

A gesture of goodwill and community, Smoking Ceremonies are utilised for burial, celebration, healing and cleansing.

Welcome to Country

Conducting a Welcome to country acknowledges the Kaurna people as traditional owners and is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years.


Kuma Kaaru offers a wide variety of in-depth workshops to engage in cultural learning.

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