About Us

Kuma Kaaru’s goal is to empower young people to relearn their language and culture. We want our young people to be proud of their history and to educate others, becoming an inspiration to older generations.

Kuma Kaaru has performed locally and internationally, in places such as Samoa, India, Vienna, Canada, France, USA, Malaysia, China and Nauru.


Founded in 2008, Kuma Kaaru Cultural Service Pty Ltd was established as a local Aboriginal Dance Group.

Kuma Kaaru was formed to teach family, local Aboriginal People and Aboriginal People based in Adelaide that were disconnected from their own lands and culture.

Kuma Kaaru has since become a central location for all local Aboriginal cultural services, with many people that have mastered their own craft involved in the business. Kuma Kaaru has also partnered with many Aboriginal businesses to help provide the necessary service required.

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